Clunk from the rear of truck

Hello car talk

Trying to find a correct answer

Own a 2006 Toyota Tacoma pre runner

Last 4-5 years I have been hearing a clunking sound from rear of the truck.

This noise only happens when I stop at a red light or stop sign and then proceed across the street.

The truck has been lube, rear-in replaced , bearings greased as well as the pinion rod(?) They also checked the brakes and tires.

Mechanic technicians are not sure what it is. They emphasize me not to stop to quickly. Whatever happens during the braking something in that area rolls up and then releases to make that noise

Anyone have an idea?

Thank you

Remove the driveshaft and lube the slip yoke to see if it eliminates the clunk.



Your symptoms don’t really line up with this, but the most common noise on a Tacoma is a broken leaf spring.
Toyota recall includes 690,000 Tacoma pickups from 2005-2011 -

I have a similar problem on my Ford truck. First step is to make sure the u-joints have no play. They should have absolutely no play at all that you can notice by applying twisting force with your hands.

After that, as posted above, lubing the slip joint definitely helps, but doesn’t entirely solve it in my case. I don’t remove the drive shaft though, there’s a lube fitting on slip joint so I just use that. I think it might work a little better to remove the drive shaft for this, so I’d have access to the entire length of the spline. I’ll try that next time. The other thing that seems to help is to add some friction modifier to the differential fluid. This makes the clutches in the limited slip differential more slippery. Otherwise those clutches can grab and cause clunking noises.

Other potential causes, it sounds you’ve probably already addressed those: play between the pinion and the ring gear; play between the rear axles and the differential side gears. Play in the transmission or transfer case (if 4WD) could cause it too.

Another less likely possibility, the entire rear axel is subjected to a twisting force during accelerations and decelerations. The truck’s designers know about this of course, and counteract it w/various methods. So perhaps one of those methods isn’t working b/c something fell off or is loose that otherwise would counteract the twisting force. The link below might be helpful.