Rear end squeek w/ acceleration on 98 tacoma 4wd std

I have a 98 tacoma std. 4wd . with a squeek which increases with acceleration someplace mide to rear of the truck. As I let out the cluch and start to accelerate or slowly accelerate in a low gear I hear “squeek, squeek squeek” that increases with increased revolution till I cant hear it any more. I checked the wheel barings and there is none of the wabbles or thump sound as I shake the wheels. I also tried to move the u-joints and dont seem to feel any play in those as well. ALso there is no thump sound from the center bearing area. I do know that the leaf springs are shot but would that make a sound wiht acceleration? Any idease?

Does braking affect the sound?

none other than slowing the vehical/rpms down which decreases the squeek sound

How did you check the wheel bearings? Did you jack the wheel(s) up clear of the ground?

Even though you checked the U-joints for play I bet one of the joints is the problem. The grease is probably all dried up in one or more of the u-joint caps, which is causing the squeaking. There is no play because the needle bearings are still in tact. If you wait long enough there will be play, as the needle bearings will be destroyed.

The only way to tell is to pull the drive shaft.

would the squeek remain after I regreased the the joints if the joint is bad? If so then as you say, the only resolution is to pull the shaft and repace all the joints since I don’t know which one is bad-correct?

Did you grease the joint using the little grease zerk fitting? If so, the squeak will likely remain.

This is because the grease is not getting to the offending cup. The little grease orifice gets plugged with hardened grease and crud, and all the grease flows through the path of least resistance, which is the cup(s) that are in good shape.

My experience with u-joints is that the only way to properly grease them is to remove all the caps (4) and apply grease to each cap separately however; by the time you go through that much effort you may as well replace the joint, because they are so inexpensive.

When you install the new joint, grease each cup separately by hand, then assemble. I go through a lot of u-joints because I do a lot of off-road driving, and I’ve found this approach works the best.

And yes, best way to check the joints is to pull the shaft.