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2007 Toyota Tacoma rear springs are sad

So was wondering what type of damage my weak 2007 Tacoma rear leaf springs might cause. With a cap (175lbs.) and minimal weight (maybe an additional 100 lbs. from kids bikes etc.)in the back, the truck is constantly bottoming out on minor bumps, dips, even swells in pavement on the highway. Could the constant dynamic "loading" of the axle, when it bottoms out, eat the axle bearings and/or otherwise cause premature failure?

Any one have any thoughts on this.


The leaf springs shouldn’t wear out that fast. Sounds like there was something very heavy in there at some time, and you may have a broken leaf or two. Having an extra couple of hundred pounds in there shouldn’t break them, either, they’re designed to carry a certain load.

They can be rebuilt, but it may be easier, cheaper or faster to check your local yards for replacements.


Are you the original owner? It’s possible that someone put the wrong shocks on and the shocks are what’s bottoming out. I’ve owned and abused (routinely overloaded…but only offroad) two Toyota pickups and had one for 11 years and the other for 17 years without having springs weaken on either.

This is a very common issue with 2005+ Tacomas - see TSB for rough ride. What I’m wondering is; will wear on axle bearings accelerate with the constant shock loading of he axle hittihg the frame under the descibed conditions above?

It is possible to damage bearings in this manner. If you’re certain that it’s the springs, I’d suggest helper leafs. You should be able to get them readily over the internet, perhaps even from JC Whitney, and you’re an easy bolt on item.

Have the rear springs checked. Mine broke and the break wasn’t readily apparent unless if was on a lift.