Squeaky sound when apply breaks, doesn't happen at mechanic's

When I start my car in the morning and go down my driveway, I hear squeaks, but when I’m driving in the city, they don’t happen. I took it to the brake shop but the squeaks didn’t happen there, and the mechanic said he didn’t see anything wrong.

I also heard the squeaks when I was parked for some time and applied my breaks while leaving a parking lot on a hill. My driveway is also sloped, so perhaps that is the problem.

Any ideas?

Perhaps on those times when you hear the intermittent squeaking, the car has been sitting long enough that there is a light coating of rust on the rotors. Fear not, the folks at the brake shop were probably right.

I once had a customer ask me to [u]PAINT[/U] her rotors as they rusted overnight. We had to have a little lesson on how brakes work…

Your mechanic is right, and by the way, pretty honest. Nothing is wrong except that a noise is made while residual brake dust is cleaned off by normal braking while driving. Your mechanic should have explained this. I assume the noise goes away pretty quickly, say within a half-mile, and if not there might be something else going on. If it does go away and braking is normal at all speeds (meaning effective, no shuddering vibration, no pull to one side), then you have no problem. I would brake a few times hard each morning to clear the dust and forget about it. Maybe buy better brake pads next time.