Squeaky PT Cruiser

My 2006 PT Cruiser Touring Edition has a lot of squeaks from the front. Most noticeable at low speed going over speed bumps or potholes. My mechanic has checked front end and says noise is coming from rear cradle bushings and wants to drop rear cradle and inspect/lube bushings. Also says sway links are dry and recommends lubing these as well. Everything else is OK. Estimate is $100-$150. Other than the annoying squeaking (which I can live with) is there any other reason (safety/mechanical) to get this done?

A little confused. Do you and your mechanic both agree it is problem with the front end of the car?

Dry bushings can cause squeaking from the front end.

One way to check for this is take a can of silicone spray and soak every rubber bushing that can be found. If the squeaking eventually goes away it was caused by a dry bushing.