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Front End Squeaks And Creaks

Hi, I have recently made some repairs to my 2007 Chevy Cavalier LT AT/FWD/ABS/TRACTION CONTROL, has 60,000 miles.
I replaced the stabilizer bar bushings, tie rod ends, control arms and sway bar end links then got an alignment. Later on a week later I changed the front brakes. The car felt good for 2 weeks after the suspension parts were replaced and a week after the brake job, then all of the sudden the car began squeaking and creaking on the front end. Sometimes, the creaking and squeaking come when I turn, some times when I slow done and sometimes when I go from a stop to slowly speeding up(in foward drive or in reverse). I am puzzled as to what it could be. I just this evening sprayed some Blaster! Silicon Lubricant on the stabilizer bar bushings and control arm pivot rear pivot bushing. The sounds seems not so loud now, but the squeaking and creaking are still there. Could be that where I sprayed was only where some of the noise was coming from. I suspect that the other squeaking and creaking could be coming from the strut bushings and/or strut bearing. Any ideas or thoughts as to what it could be or any suggestions are welcome!

Did you tighten all these suspension components while the suspension was hanging?

If so, the control arm bushing bolts may need to be tightend at normal ride height.


Tester, do you mean tighten to correct torque after the car is on the ground sitting on tires? I don’t know if I could do that such a small amount of clearance to the bolts with the wheels on. I changed the control arms on another car and didn’t have this issue. Do you think, if I back off the bolt and retorque those bolts with the car on the ground, that it will throw my front end alignment off? I am willing to try, but do not have ~$60 to spend to do an alignment again before pay day.

That’s what normal ride height means.

So you either have to come up with a method to get the vehicle to the normal ride height to tighten the control arm bushing bolts, or bring it to a shop where they can lift the vehicle by the tires so they can adjust the control arm bushing bolts.


Tester, I will try that. I think it would throw my front end alignment of though. Maybe I will be happy if it corrects my problem and spend the ~60 to get it realigned :slight_smile: sooner rather than later.


Did you use factory AC Delco parts?

Or at least high quality aftermarket . . . Moog comes to mind

Did you thoroughly clean the sway bar and apply silicone grease to the bushings (where they contact the sway bar)?

May I ask why you changed all those parts at 60K ?

Those parts usually last far longer before needing replacement.

At least on most cars

I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I’m just speaking based on my own professional experience

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db4690, I used high quality aftermarket parts Moog(end links and tie rods and sway bar bushings), MasterPro(control arm). All were bad except the stabilizer bar bushings I figured might as well. I will use silicone when I take the parts off and redo what I have done to try to get rid of the noises :slight_smile:


“All were bad” . . . please clarify

Again, as a pro, I must say this sounds rather unusual

db4690, There were really loose pivots on the sway bar end links, tie rod, control arm ball joints and bushings. Easier for me to change out the parts to new instead of change the ball joint and bushings for the control arm. I didn’t want to, I am not rich, but it handles a lot better, but the dang squeaking and creaking is annoying.

Tester, I did what you said and even went one step further and put Danco Silicon Grease on the rubber pivot point of the control arm and the stabilizer bar bushings. I loosened the rear control arm to subframe bolt, while on jack stands, and took off one at a time the bolts for the front control arm to subframe bolts and put Danco Silicon Grease on the rubber part of the control arm there and tightened the bolts, but leaving them loose a bit. Then I took off the stabilizer bar bushings and put the Silicon Grease on there too and retightend the stabilizer bar bushing clamps. Then put the wheels on and took the car off the stands and went around the block a couple of times. Parked the car and torqued the rear control arm bolts and then the front control arm bolts one side at a time. Then drove the car around and just noticed slight rubbery squeakish sounds from both sides when I go over bumps. I feel it is a vast improvement from the way it sounded before and hope the sound will eventually go away as the rubber pieces settle in a bit. I have found that most of the noise is coming from the stabilizer bar bushings. I ordered some AC Delco ones to try to see if they do not make such annoying sounds. EDIT: TRIED THE AC DELCO ONES AND IT DIDN’T HELP, THE SQUEAK NOISE IS STILL THERE :frowning:

Did you figure out what it was?

@v.tewell Answering for ColbaltProblemGuy who has been gone for four years.

He probably traded the car.

Please start your own thread with vehicle details and problems.

You can tighten everything up with the front end on ramps. The term “normal road height” for your purposes really means normal load on the suspension.