Car sounds like a lumber wagon


Following the last service on my PTCruiser, it started making horrible squawking noises. Dealer told me the bushings were stretched - would have happened if I had hit a big dip or something. I don’t recall that happening but, even if so, will only one such incident cause bushings to stretch and create this constant noise - can’t drive over a manhole cover without it sounding terrible. The greasing helped but still sounds bad on bigger potholes and almost feels as though something is rubbing. It’s a grating and annoying noise. What can I do to stop it? If I understand what the dealer said, I would need to replace the bushings and that can be expensive. Can you shed some light on this?




If your PT Cruiser has squeeky rubber bushings on your sway bar setup or elsewhere, ask if the dealer would please apply a little silicone spray before you spend all that money. About a dime’s worth might help.


They applied grease. Improved a tad but still very annoying. Sounds terrible. I wonder how I could have damaged the bushings so quickly - last tuneup this didn’t exist. I drive paved roads. Would hitting one “dip” cause so much damage?? I don’t even recall hitting any big dips. How much to replace bushings - is there an alternative? The greasing doesn’t do any good. Is this just something that goes bad in some cars? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.


They greased a rubber bushing? That doesn’t sound right to me. Unless this is some exotic kind of rubber, won’t petroleum products attack rubber? Anyone out there know the proper lubricant for bushings?

I’ve also never heard of bushings “stretching”. I think your dealer may be pulling a fast one on you. It’s suspicious that the problem started right after a service – does someone have a boat payment coming up? If the car is still under warranty, you might want to have another dealer or an independent garage look at it. See if bushings would be included in the warranty (if not excluded as “normal wear and tear” items).

What year car and how many miles on it? What kind of environment do you drive in (rough, dusty roads or on highways)? Any accidents or unusual events in the history of the car? Bushings do eventually wear out, but something doesn’t smell right here.


Absolutely right. Grease can’t wick in to where it is needed like a liquid silicone spray could and yes, grease can attack rubber. I’d be very bothered by what your dealer has done.


Thinking about this more, I’d take the car back to the dealer and ask to have the grease cleaned off of the bushings before it attacks the rubber. It will not happen immediately Any safe solvent should be OK that will evaporate quickly before it too attacks the rubber.


Thanks for your input. Ok…I’m limited in my knowledge of car repair. I drive a 2005 PT Cruiser on paved roads, no accidents, 44000 highway/town miles, a few gravel roads when camping but nothing severe. They “greased” something…and mentioned “stretched bushings” saying it had “bottomed out”. Even if I had hit a pot hole or ditch could the damage have been that severe or quick? What else would make that kind of squawking noise. Driving normal streets, the slightest bump results in squawking. I’ve always trusted my dealer and have always kept my car serviced and tires rotated so lack of maintenance isn’t a problem. I’m going back to the dealer to question about this but wanted some good questions to ask…like I said, I’m limited in my knowledge. Thanks again for any input.