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2013 Volkswagen Passat squeaks on speed bumps

Why does my car now make a squeaking noise when I go over speed bumps? It only happens then.
I know what you are thinking and I am not speeding or flying over them. Can struts be greased or oiled? Should it have been done when I took my car in to have the 45,000/50,000 mile tune up?
We don’t drive the car much and it is kept in the garage, but we live in a humid and salty climate (Hawaii).

Struts do not get oiled or greased. My wife’s car also squeaks over speed bumps, but that’s because she’s going too fast.

The problem is that the part the wheel is bolted (the hub ass’y) to isn’t bolted to the car’s frame. It’s attached to the frame with a spring and various arms that rotate on bushings. The upside is a smoother ride. The downside is the movement between the parts causes wear and tear, and sometimes, squeaks. It’s hard to say where the noise is coming from. Could be the struts, but could equally well be the tie rods or the various bushings. There’s one type of bushing material that is particularly squeaky, polyurethane. If you’ve had any bushings replaced and they used a poly bushing, that could be the cause. In any event the only way to solve this is most likely by replacing the part(s) that’s doing the squeaking.

Here’s a typical front suspension.

The black and yellow components are rubber bushings for the suspension pivot points.

These bushings can dry out and start to squeak when driving over bumps.

Take the vehicle to a shop so it can be put on a lift to inspect the bushings,



Yes, the bushings are the prime suspect.

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