Squeaky creaky gas pedal

2007 Chevy Impala 1LT

V6 E85 Flex Fuel engine

Auto transmission

19,200 miles

All scheduled maintenance performed on time to date.


Since weather turned truly cold in recent days, the gas pedal has begun to squeak/creak when depressed. I’m assuming the pedal merely needs lubrication.

1) What is the best lubricating product to use to fix the squeaky creak that won’t make a mess and stain the carpeting?

2) Typically, where on the pedal assembly should lubricant be applied?

Thank you.


…still reading, still learning…

An aerosol silicone spray can be used. Look up under the dash for the pivot point for the gas pedal and give it a shot of the silicone spray.


Thank you Tester. I’ll give it a try!

…still reading, still learning…

Before you spray, be sure to cover the carpeting with as much newspaper as possible to collect the inevitable overspray. Be especially careful to wrap the brake pedal with newspaper, and secure it with a few pieces of masking tape.

Trust me–you DON’T want even a trace of silicone spray on the brake pedal!!