Creaking brake pedal

I drive a 2002 Chevy Malibu. When I press on the brake pedal, it makes a creaking/groaning sound that I can also somewhat feel. My dad seems to think it is just “squeaky” but someone mentioned something to me about ball joints. Any thoughts?

There is a bushing (a little tube) that acts as a bearing where your clutch pedal hinges under the dash. Some makes and models chronically squeak, and you can sometimes buy bushings made of different materials to eliminate this squeak.

In my experience, I have always been able to get rid of the squeak by spraying white lithium grease or aerosol chain and cable lube on the joint and the top end of the cable, and working the clutch pedal to work it in. One car took two treatments a month or so apart, but they all quiet down eventually. Put down paper to protect the carpet because some lubricant may drip.

When I replace a clutch cable, I always take out the pedal and lubricate that bushing to prevent future squeaks,

See if you can acess TSB’s or even campaings, I remember replacing a lot of Malibu lower control arms due to creaking,groaning issues.

Oh! I didn’t read that post very carefully. It said Brake pedal. I agree that the most likely creak during braking is the lower control arm bushings. Could also be sway arm links or other bushings, but those you might hear but not likely feel. This is annoying but not dangerous. To test this theory, spray some silicone spray lubricant on the bushings and see if the noise changes or disappears for a few weeks. Ball joints don’t creak, in my experience.

does this happen when you apply the brakes, or when you are releasing the pedal?

if it is happening during the pushing ON of the brakes, then it is most likely one of the mentioned bearings, bushings or other suspension related groan.

but if it is happening during the releasing of the pedal it is the brake hardware springs. usually these are just noisy, but relatively unimportant.