Brake pedal creaks in hot weather

2000 Crown Victoria, 150K

As the weather has heated up, I’ve developed an odd problem. My brake pedal creaks like an old cellar door when I push down on it. It doesn’t affect braking power at all, but it’s getting loud enough to annoy.

I tried soaking the pedal pivot joint with white lithium grease, but that didn’t help. I’m reasonably certain it’s coming from where the pushrod enters the brake booster. Is there a bushing of some sort in there that I can get to and soak with the grease? There’s a foam covering over the pushrod where it passes through the firewall; how about soaking that?

Perhaps the creaking is from the power brake booster, no amount of soaking will stop that and a creaking booster should not be soaked with anything to get it to stop creaking, it could stop boosting. I guess I just want to careful with brake components that make noise and find out why they are making the noise before applying a potentialy harmful chemical (to the booster). It seems you have already “hit” the pivot points which are safe to lube up.

Yes, my thoughts exactly. I have no idea what effect a lubricant will have on the booster, which is why I’m asking BEFORE trying. A noise I can live with; brake weakness or failure, not so much.