Squeaky clutch

I have a 2002 Honda Civic. The clutch has been squeaking for two years. The sound seems to be coming from around the clutch pedal. The dealer says there is not much to do except take apart the whole clutch. Any advice to get rid of it? It is driving me crazy.

The bushing for the clutch pedal is probably dry.

Look under the dash where the clutch pedal pivots on the bushing, and spray the bushing with a silicone lubricant. That should get rid of the squeaking noise.


thanks a million - I’ll figure out where the bushing is.


I have the same problem with an '03 Civic. Dealer said it would need a new master clutch cylinder to fix. Since it wasn’t hurting the car’s operation I’ve continued to live with it, probably 3 years now.

I’m going to try tester’s idea again. Perhaps my first shot of lube was off the mark.

It is annoying, but my hearing is awful so I’ve learned to live with it.

This is a known issue in 2001-2005 Honda Civics. Check this thread:


The “real” way to fix it is to replace the clutch master cylinder which squeaks because of a design defect. However, many others (including me, 2003 LX Sedan) have taken to the internet for the solution, which is much like what tester said, with a couple caveats:

1: White lithium spray grease is a tad thicker and works a bit better. Use the WD-40 style straw attachment on the can to really get into the shaft on the back of the clutch pedal and squirt way in there. Depress and release the clutch numerous times to spread the grease.

2: There is another common “squeak” location near the flywheel / clutch assembly itself, and that is at the clutch fork ball pivot. it is covered by a rubber bushing, and just needs some grease under the rubber. However, judging from your symptoms, I think you have a classic case of #1.