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Squeaky Clutch

I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler. The clutch squeaks when I depress and release the clutch pedal…the noise is inside the cab and I’m pretty sure it’s not a slave problem. Everything works fine…The dealer put some of their “special grease” on it…it still squeaks…Anyone have any ideas

Something in the pedal mechanism still needs lubrication. Get some silicone spray and use it sparingly.

What, exactly, did the dealer put their “special grease” on?

Have had the same problem with my 05 wrangler. Agree with circuitsmith about the silicone spray. Also, get an inspection mirror so that you can see where you’re spraying. I had to get into some serious contortions to aim the spray. The clutch pedal rotates a sleeve-shaft mechanism and you have to spray on the outside (read: difficult to get to) ends of the shaft outside of the brackets. Once you see it you’ll know what I mean.

It seemed to take quite a while for the silicone to do any good, but finally I’m squeak free.

Ok, will try the silicone.