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Squeaky car

i have a 1996 honda passport when you start the car it makes a high pitch squeal it sounds like a bearing bogs the motor down. the noise last a few seconds then quits it doesnt matter if its on defrost or vent it still makes the noise. when it quits when you stop it kicks in again but when you get going again it stops. i put a new altenator belt on the other belts look fine i cant figure out what else it could be so please help.

1996 honda passport it has a high pitch squeal when you first start it after a few second it quits it does not do it while you are driving it to me it sounds like
it coming from the water pump but not shure ive changed one belt that was bad others look fine but it still makes the noies what is it?

Did you change the belt tensioner when you changed the belt? If not, then your belt is not really tight enough and that would certainly cause the noise that you describe.

Remember that this vehicle was built by Isuzu, so rather than buying the tensioner from a Honda dealer, you may get a better price from an Isuzu dealer–if you can find one. Since Isuzu is finally leaving the US market after a decade of ever-shrinking sales figures, those dealers might be selling parts really cheaply before they close their doors. In fact, a desperate Isuzu dealer might even be cheaper than an independent parts dealer.

is the alternater original to the car?