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Loud noise

ok start all over 96 honda passport ive changed alternator belt checked other there

fine it well make the noises when you first

start the car it well also bog the motor down a little bit but it quit after a few second it does not do it when you are going down the road the noies sound like two pieces of metal rubbing together or a bearing it is comming from the front of motor to me it sounds like it might be a waterpump but not sure. hope this is better and how do you delete question when you get the right answer?

Don’t guess maybe can alternate verb noun subject diversify the gratis test with cord take trash out get antifrz carry over back maybe?

this question also makes no sense!

The best I can make out is it may be the accessory (serpentine) belt or tensioner or accessory running on it.

Why did you have to replace your alternator belt? Could it be you have a bad bearing in the alternator that caused excessive wear on the belt in the beginning? When you reinstalled the belt, maybe you tightened it down too tight, or once again, maybe a bad bearing. There are several auto parts stores that will check your alternator for free, (i.e. O’Reileys, Auto Zone).

look if you cant help dont answer guess you dont have nothing better else to do

i also changed the altenator and forgot to say that when the noise started or thats what i was told by my daughter that it didnt make the moies tell after i put on the altenator and yes i put it on right.