i have a 95 honda passport that squeels horably and after a while it will stop and it will run fine afterwards and it only squeels when it first starts but it mostly happens in winter (i live in iowa) and the dash board lights wont like up even though the fuse is ok and the bulbs arent blow what is wrong with this car?


what no one owns a 95 honda passport???


i dont know if anyone does or not but i can tell you that many people have a hard time reading posts that dont use any kind of punctuation or sentences because it gets to difficult to follow someone elses less that organized stream of thought so maybe if you were break this down into clear parts and sentences it might help some people hang with it and maybe include some actual car history like how long this has been happening and what maintenance has been done the car and whether or not youve actually tried popping the hood to see if you can tell where the sound is coming from and whether you have any reason to believe that the dash bulbs and squealing noise go together and how long those have been out

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we think the squeel is from the barrings on the alternater. I was looking at the fuses today and noticed a conector that wasnt connected and i had to put my feet on the head rest and lie down with my head right next to the brake (not very confertable). With all the wiring i couldnt find what it connects to and i think it has to do with the dash board lights


When alt bearing goes bad or belt slips the battery and or electric system is weak and could make dash lights dim.
I would loosen alt belt and spin alt to see if bearing are in fact going bad and if so replace.Then see if lights are ok.


i cant reach the alt because it is burried and its only the gauge lights that wont light up and the warning lights work


ok here are more details:
the squeal:
it only squeals when its cold, when its wet or raining out, and when its by a mcdonalds (try to explain that :)hahaha)
the lights:
the gauge lights wont light up and all the other lights will (warning light like the check engine light and all those other ones). under the steering column it looks like all of the wiring has been redone and there is one connector that isnt plugged into anything at all


Is it safe to presume that the belt has been replaced? A worn belt would be an obvious suspect. But if you’ve replaced it and it still squeals you might have a bad/weak tensioner. It is also possible that it is one of the bearings (like the alternator). Pull the belt and turn all of the pulleys by hand. You can also run the car briefly to see if the squeal remains. Also, you might carefully use a small piece of hose as something of a stethoscope to try to pinpoint the location of the squeal. The McDonalds thing fits just b/c of all the extra grease :wink:

As for the cluster - how do you know the bulbs aren’t burned? They’re really small and its hard to tell. You might end up in the market for a new cluster - salvage yards would be the way to go, but you would want to check out wiring faults. You can probably get wiring diagrams online at Autozone’s website via their online repair manuals. You need to register & plug in your car info.


i looked under the steering column and it looked like every thing had been rewired and when the gauge bulbs blow they have a silverish color to them and we bought new ones. with the alternater its almost on the bottom of the engine so i cant turn the pulley unless i rip off the front of the car. and a new symtom showed up today when it accelarates it sounds like it has a turbo but so quiet you have to shut off the heater to hear it and also it sound like the camshaft is rubing angainst the crank case so it go thunk thunk thunk thunk this car has issuas (i cant spell)


oh and the alternater is stock never been replaced and this car hates sioux city last year or two years ago the fuel pump died near eleveth st and i forgot what part died near mcdonalds on hamilton


If you can’t reach the alternator, you can’t fix it. This can be done by any mechanic,ask neighbors for a recommendation.As far as the dash lights, i hate to ask this, are you sure you don’t have them turned off ?


how can they be turned off?? we bought this car used


tomarow i will post what the car sounds like when it first start up and please help me figure out what is making the whine we are starting to get worried


please just stay on this page so we can figure out whats wrong with it so i can go to bed