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Annoying squeal in 86 Honda Prelude

I have a very annoying squeal that starts up around 30 MPH and continues through any higher speed. It sounds like a water pump bearing squeal or belt squeal, but does not change pitch when I push in the clutch and change the speed of the engine. I’ve changed all 3 belts and the water pump does not appear to have issues. Changing the speed of the blower fan does nothing also. Anyone have any ideas?

Check the tension on the belts, especially the alternator belt. The alternator typically runs at a higher amperage at start-up to replenish the battery. On more that one occasion, I’ve had new belts loosen up shortly after installing them. I’ll bet that’s what happened here.

I tried adjusting all 3 belts tighter and looser, with no change in the squeal. I’ve even put the car up on jack stands and ran it at speed and the squeal almost disappears. I was thinking it might be something to do with airflow and the front fans but have not had a chance to work with them.

I finally found the problem. It was the speedometer cable. I disconnnected it at the tranmission and the squeal went away.

You may be able to save this cable. Since it hasn’t bound up or snapped yet, pull the cable from the sheath, grease it up good with a good all-purpose grease, like bearing grease, slide it back into the sheath, making sure it engages the speedometer in the gauge cluster, and hook it back up. That should quiet it back down. It worked for a noisy cable in my '88 Toyota Supra.

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Get your MIL out of the car at the next rest stop. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it… :wink: