Squeaky Brakes

How do I quiet 95 Saturn SL1 squeaky brakes. Midas full brakes service 7/1/8 and Les Schwaab brakes check 5/1/09. Cleaning of brakes quiet squeak 2-7 days.

As long as the pads are wearing evenly, it may be rust on the rotor or hard spots on the pads. It could go away eventually but you are probably worse off chasing ghosts than turning up the radio, as it sounds like everything is sound at this point. A third opinion would not hurt, but I am dealing with the same thing, and as far as mechinacl condition everything is fine.

There is an anti-squeal compound that can be applied to the back of the brake pads before they are installed. In addition, some vehicles have special shims to reduce break squeal. The type of pads used can also make a difference.

A competent mechanic will take the time to make sure the correct pads are used, the shims are in place, and the compound is applied if necessary. Chain shops, which make their money on volume, may not be so thorough.

The squealing is just the pads vibrating as the brakes are applied. It’s annoying but won’t hurt anything. Next time you need brakes perhaps you should consider having an independent mechanic install them.