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Bad brake repair job :(

Hi Cartalk brothers,

my question is this: my car still squeaks when I apply the brakes whether it’s a slow and steady break or a hard and fast brake. I’ve gone 2x now to the mechanic. They’ve put new factory pads and rotors on and then switched them out for new dealer pads. What’s going on?! I paid $633.00 for this and now I have to take it back to them again. Can you tell me your angle on how to fix the annoying squeak that won’t go away? I’m really frustrated here.


Cristin in Balto, MD

Just have them put some anti-squeal compound on the back of the pads. I use the Permatex brand, never had a squeek.

CRC De Squeak

Have you used that stuff Caddyman? Looks a little creepy - or snake oily?

CRC does not make creepy stuff…it works as advertised. I have used it on several cars when replacing pads but not servicing or replacing the rotors…Most parts stores carry CRC products…

Yea, I do use CRC products but had never seen the brake thing. Good to know - thanx for the info.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll tell that to my mechanic. You would think they’d know this or they would have tried this already. Maybe my car’s really being stubborn? Don’t know but maybe a 3rd time being taken in for the same repair will be a charm.