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Squeaks on Turns

I drive a 2006 Hyundai Sonata 4 cylinder (2.4) that has about 81,500 miles on it. Recently, I notice front-end squeaks when turning either hard left or right while traveling 10-15 mph or more. There are no squeaks on straight-away driving. The squeaks are not loud - more like muffled squeaks - and occur 1-3 times per occurrence. I asked several people at auto parts stores. Most tell me that it is likely my tie-rod ends which have no grease fittings. One or two people have mentioned CV joints but I discount this as there is no damage to the boots and I do not get the tell-tale clicking noise on turns. Any thoughts? Thanks

Indy Bob, Hyundai Has Issued A Technical Service Bulletin For Technicians To Address Customer Complaints Of " A Squeaking Noise While Turning " In Some 2006 - 2010 Sonatas And Some 2006 - 2009 Azeras.

The bulletin (09-SS-008) describes this particular squeak as being caused by uneven lubrication distribution on gear box valve housing oil seals. Apparently it’s the seal in the gear box / valve bolted to the steering rack that the steering intermediate shaft ( short shaft with universal joints between the steering column and rack) attaches to.

The 4 page bulletin outlines a procedure for loosening a universal joint to allow the valve to move up and down a bit when its bolts are loosened a little. The valve then gets moved up and down 4 or 5 times to allow the grease inside to redistribute onto the seals and then everything gets bolted back into place. No parts are required.

The exact nature of the noise isn’t described in any more detail than I’ve indicated, but if this sounds like it might fit with your complaint, I’d try for a copy of the bulletin or inquire as to the cost for a Hyundai technician to obtain the bulletin and do the adjustment. I’d guess labor is probably an hour or less.



Thanks. I will follow-up on this before spending any more time on the tie-rod ends or CV Joints.

Indy Bob