Noise when turning with brake

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Many thanks in advance for help.
I have 2008 Hyundai Sonata. I hear some noise from front wheels when i turn to right or left with breaks applied. There is no any noise when turning without break. the cv joint has been replaced but no any result. Still there is noise.

Maybe your suspension is getting weak. When you apply the brakes, there is too much front-end dip. That causes the tires to rub against the fenders when braking around a turn.

Can you describe the noise?

Yes, a description of the noise would be very helpful.
At this point, I would say that it could be… anything…from something as trivial as a bent brake dust shield to badly-worn front-end components–which are a safety hazard.

Many thanks for your comment.
Jmcarc: I think if it is suspension issue, the noise would come also when braking in high speed even in straight road(not turning). isnt it?

Description of noise: kind of clunking or clicking noise like kkk.kkk.kkk

And it also happens when braking in rough roads even if not turning.
And i think, this noise begun after transmission oil hose ripped off and brake pads and everything around became oily. After that, i have changed brake pads, the noise disappears for 1-2 weeks then comes back again((
But i am not sure is the noise related to this or not.

BRAKES not breaks

Volvo v70: Many thanks for your comment. spelling mistake

Clunks like that indicate to me that you’re hearing the caliper slopping around in its mount. That could be something as simple as worn out caliper mounting hardware, or it could indicate discs with excessive runout. Or it could be that the outer CV joint on the unreplaced side has developed the characteristic grooves of long service that can cause a click or clunk under power on turns.

I have replaced inner and also outer CV joints. But didnt help. However, Caliper mounting hardware sounds logical. Many thanks. is it possible to check it myself somehow?