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Front end squeak on right and left turns

For over a year now, upon sweeping right hand turns (entrance and exit ramps on highways) and sometimes simple right turns in my neighborhood or into my driveway, there is a squeaking noise (“cheep cheep cheep” like a wheelbarrow wheel that needs oil) coming mostly from what sounds like the right front. The “cheeping” noise speeds up with more revolutions of the tire and slows down likewise. This is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata GL (52K miles). The dealer says, the first time I brought it in a year ago, that they couldn’t hear anything. It is now more pronounced. The last trio to the service desk they said they did hear it but it doesn’t last long enough for them to be able to diagnose. They inspected the brakes and all is well in that department. My question is 1) to whom should I take my car to properly diagnose the problem to get it repaired and 2) if another shop repairs it, should the dealer reimburse me because they couldn’t diagnose correctly? I haven’t had much success with this particular Hyundai authorized service department.

Now is the perfect time to see a good, independent mechanic. Keep all the paperwork and you should be able to have the warranty take care of the repair. Make sure the mechanic knows this before he starts the job.

A few possibilities could be:
Tire pressure. (yes, a low tire can cause this)
Dragging brake pad. (this can happen even if the pad lining and brake rotor is good)

Also, a bent brake rotor shield (if the car has them) can cause this due to the shield brushing the back of the brake rotor. This may occur only during turns.