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My 2010 Hyundai Sonata GLS makes a weird noise. When I turn left sometimes a noise from the front right comes out. It sounds like my tire is spinning on ice but there is no ice and my traction control does not come on…im really puzzled as I have never heard a noise like this before…please help!!

How many miles are on this vehicle?
Does it make the noise when you turn without the car moving?

This sounds like it might be a failing power steering pump. In your car, the PS pump is st the end of the engine that’s to the right of the car. Try opening the hood, having a friend turn the wheel, and listening. While you’re under there, check the power steering fluid level. Your owners’ manual will tell you how.

Post back. We do care.

It could be as simple as a worn or under tensioned serpentine belt. I have to leap to the conclusion you are not covered by a warranty anymore. If you are be able to replicate the problem and take it to the dealer.

Good comments above. Something else to consider. Unlikely w/a car of this vintage, but it could be the right front wheel bearing on the fritz. When you turn left, it throws more weight onto the right side of the car, which will make a bad bearing make a growling or grinding noise. Before assuming it is any of these things though, make sure you mechanic has done a visual inspection and the CV boots remain intact and there’s nothing come loose and rubbing on the tire when the steering wheel is turned. Best of luck.

Are you turning hard at the end of turning play such as you might in a tight parking spot, or is this noise in regular highway turns?

Important question . . .

Does it only make the sound when you make that left turn?

I’d say that “sounds like my tire is spinning on ice” isn’t enough to go on. But if it’s a “smooth” and steady kind of sound I’d go with potential power steering problem. (Have you checked the fluid?) If it’s more of a “crunchy” ice sound then I’d be thinking about a CV joint

Yes its only a left turn and not all the time its only once in a while

The most I hear it is pulling out of my road its not a super sharp turn but its not like a regular road turn

And its past warranty it has 76 thousand

And cigroller thats the only sound that sounds exactly like it…as it doesnt happen all the time I cant give it more of a description other then it only happens on left turns…its just sounds like my tire spinning but my tire isnt spinning its dry pavement and I dont take off like a speed demon with my car

Wild guess: Tire hitting the fender liner.

You need to have a mechanic drive this car with you in it and hear the sound. You were not planning on fixing it yourself anyway, were you?