Squeaking when brakes disengaged

Hi all. My 2014 Honda Accord has been making a squeaking noise when the brakes are disengaged. The noise goes away on turns and when braking.
Common sense told me, fix the brakes. Had the brakes serviced and 5 miles later, it’s back again. Any outside the box thoughts here?

Ive actually seen (heard) this before and it goes against what you would think happen. The brake pad wear indicator is probably toughing the rotor -front or rear. You would think that the noise would appear when applying the brakes, which is normal, but sometimes the indicator can actually be “bent” or 'repostitioned" when going in corners or when braking making them not squeak. . My bet is your brake pads are worn out and need replacement, along with the proper rotor service.

What tyoe of brake service did you get.Replacing pads? replacing or resurfacing rotors?etc. That should be written on the invoice.

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My bad, i didnt read the part where you already had service done.

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Replaced front pads and front rotors. Sound is definitely coming from the front, which is why this is now such a head scratcher.

Did you replace the mounting clips for the pads, if any? If the pads aren’t held securely, they will contact the rotor and make noise.