Honda Accord 2004 ex brakes

My right front disc brake started making a squeaking noise at about 50,000 miles when I appied the brakes. It was on and off at first but became more freqent. It wasn’t a grinding noise and it wasn’t the sensors for a low pad. I changed the pads and after about 2 weeks I started getting a grinding noise when I’d apply the brakes. I checked the pads and they were fine. After a few months I replaced the pads, grinding happened again after a few weeks of wear. Within the next few months I replaced the pads again, each time trying different types. Had the rotors turned recently and again, new pads. The grinding is gone but after a few weeks the brake makes a chirping sound now when applied. They work fine in stopping the car. Any thoughts?



You need to start all over again and install new rotors and brake pads.

If the friction surfaces between the rotors and brake pads aren’t correct it can result in unwanted brake noise. It’s very difficult to turn rotors and aquire the proper RA or roughness average to prevent unwanted brake noise. When this happens the rotors and brake pads don’t break in properly and you get brake noise.

You can read how important it is that the rotors be of the proper RA to prevent brake noise here.