Squeaking/rattling noise behind glove compartment in brand new car

Saturday evening (3 nights ago) I purchased a new Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe (2009). I live approximately 45 minutes from the dealership and the whole way home there was a squeaking/rattling noise coming from right behind the glove compartment or in the right/top

engine compartment area (from the driver’s perspective). I tried to call the dealership on the way home but they were in the process of closing when I left so there was no one there when I called. I parked it when I got home and the next day when I drove it there was no noise. Monday there was no noise either nor during the day Tuesday but Tuesday evening the

noise started again and it was pretty loud. Has anyone else had a similar experience or does anyone have any idea what it might be? For what it is worth it was approximately the same temperature on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights but the noise only occurred on Saturday and Tuesday nights.

Maybe you have a mouse and a rattlesnake locked in mortal combat in there?

2009 car=warranty.

Just take it to the dealership for free repair/adjustment of whatever is causing the noise. Let the dealer’s mechanics figure it out.

I wonder if there is a tool missing from the assembly line?

I contacted the original dealership and they told me I could take it to any dealership to have it looked at. The problem is that is doesn’t make the noise everytime I drive it. It did for 4 straight days and then it didn’t the 5th and then it did again the next day. It happens with and without the heater on and sometimes at low speeds and other times not until I hit about 45 mph. In any case I took it to a SEARS automotive on the 5th day and since it didn’t make the noise they couldn’t diagnose anything. I also called another dealership and their service rep told me that the dealership where I bought the car was supposed to inspect the car before selling it. He said that if the rattle noise was tough to find/fix that he would have trouble getting $ for the work even though the car was under warranty since the original dealer didn’t catch the rattle when it inspected the car. He recommended taking it back to the original dealer. To make matters worse now I have an increasingly loud vibration noise under the car (maybe in the transmission area) when I come to a red light and I’m waiting for it. If I shift back to park the noise goes away. This noise was there from time to time the first couple days but very low and sporatic. Now its getting much more noticable and happens more often.

I’m tired of this already. I was on a trip all last week ( I have over 900 miles on the car now) and, other than going on a test drive with a friend who has a small private garage when I returned late Friday(he said both noises need “attention”) I didn’t have a chance to deal with this situation but will this week. I’m wondering if checking the car with carfax.com would be worthwhile also.

EVERY/ANY Chevy dealer is required to address this under warranty. However the compensation is very little and rattles are hard to fix usually they are feeding you lines of BS. Take it to your dealer of choice and convenience. If they attempt to blow you off contact GM customer care(# in manals) and they will resolve your issue and coordinate dealers.

Don’t waste any non dealers garages time on this unless you plan on paying for fix.

Sorry about your woes, this happens on all brands(rattles) luckily a small subset of cars.