2018 Volkswagen Atlas rattles

My new 2018 Atlas makes a rattling noise from the rear car area. I can’t identify the issue. Any suggestions?

Dealer should help with new car.

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One word:

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You don’t need to identify the problem. You have a warranty and if you or someone else messes with it the dealer might not want to help you.

Before you take it to the dealer, verify the spare tire is secured tightly. If you have a roof rack, make sure the cross rails aren’t loose.

Ed B.


Rattled? I thought he shrugged, but anyhow be sure and check for loose GOLF BALLS. Don’t ask how I know, please.
CSA :sunglasses:

My grandmother used to say our marbles were loose. I think that’s the same!!!

My mom had a noise we thought was coming from under the passenger floor. Turned out to be a can that had gotten caught under the seat. Every time she would take off from a stop it would roll backwards and clunk and as she stopped the can rolled back forward and clunked again.


I had a friend that was hearing a loud clunk from his new 72 Chevy. Turned out to be a glass Coke bottle inside his right front door.