Problem with my new 2008 Toyota RAV4 Limited

I bought a Toyota RAV4 Limited SUV on 8/17/08. During the first week, I noticed some rattling noise coming from the right side passenger door area. At that time, it was not constant but comes and goes ? usually became very obvious while driving after the car parked in heat for a while. The sales consultant I purchased the car from told me to take the car in. Since the dealership was closed, he rode in my car to check it out. But he said it was normal noise from different parts working together. I didn?t think so. He told me I can always take the car in if later it gets worse.

During the last two months, the noise became louder and louder and constant. It is kind of like shaking little gravels in a small jar, or loosened screws moving around in a small area. (My 2003 VW Jetta makes similar noise but it?s an old car!) It has been to the point that I cannot stand it without turning on the radio loud ? even that I can still hear it ? very annoying. By closely listening to it, it seems to becoming from the front end of the passenger side door, close to the compartment and maybe the lower speaker area (there are 6 speakers in the car).

I need to take the car in to dealership this Saturday, but I want to find out what your opinion is before I go there so I am prepared and can challenge them when necessary.

Thank you for your help! I enjoyed listening to your program!

If he tells you it’s normal again, take him for a test drive in another new one and have him explain why that one doesn’t also rattle.

Demand that they fix it. Keep copies of all the shop orders along with all the details.

First of all, the sales rep is not the person to discuss this problem with. Believe it or not, they usually know very little about cars or what makes them work.

Visit the service department. I’m sure they will gladly take care of this minor problem for you. That’s what warranties are for.

There is something loose inside the door, as you suggest. What it might be can only be determined by removing the inner door panel and investigating. Let them fix it for you. It will be free.