Undiagnosed noice in Mitsuibishi Montero


Loud rattling noise coming from rear of car. Rotor was replace by garage but this did not fix the problem. Noise happens after car warms up maybe aflter driving a couple of miles.

the only time the noice stops is when the breaks are applied. The noise seems bearly undetectable at high speeds. The garage says the brakes look fine and they will have to start taking the car apart at great cost to me to try and find the noise. They said the car is safe to drive but I do not feel comfortable with their opinion. the noise is also so loud it is beginning to drive me crazy. I have by the way been going to the dealership. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



What year? How many miles? Is this under warranty? If not, then go to a reputable independent garage. Rattles can be tricky to find, but they can be found.

By the way, have you had the brakes done recently?


Sit in the back seat and listen to your noise while someone drives. Does it sound where a wheel is, or, does it sound like it’s somewhere else? Have someone hit the muffler with their hand. Is there a rattle in the muffler, or near it, when they hit it? If there is, a baffle could be loose in the muffler, or some part of the exhaust, or heat shield, could vibrating alone or against another piece.


[b]Car has 93,000 miles on it and is off warranty…I had a brake job done about 9 months ago.The car works great other than this problem…Thanks for answering, I really appreciate it!