Mysterious Noise Under My Car



When driving my 03 Grand Am over rough roads, I hear a rattling, an almost chattering type noise that seems to come from the front left underneath part of my car. Since it has been my experience that car repairmen see dollar signs when I approach, I would like to know of any and all possiblilities that it would most likely be so I will be armed with ideas. Also, another noise question. When my wheels rotate, I hear a rubbing sort of sound. When I slow down, the sound slows down. It happens whether my foot is on the brake or not. It has new rotors, the caliper slides have been greased, the brake pads are a bit uneven, but other than that it does not seem to be the brakes. This sound number two is coming from the right front of my car. Could it be my tires?


Some noise makers can be difficult to locate when the noise is only made when in motion.

Rattling type noises can come from worn struts/shocks, or worn steering/suspension components. Even loose or missing screws/bolts that secure different covers can cause noises.

Check for loose plastic shrouds/wind deflectors under the front and also check out the rubbing sound by inspecting your tires at the end turning points. Look for loose plastic wheel well covers. Any marks on the tires will tell you what is rubbing. This you can do yourself.


Thank you so much for your reply! I will do some checking but what are the end turning points? As for the rattling noise, is it safe for me to wedge myself under my car with a flashlight and look/feel around for something loose?