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Squeaking Brakes

My mechanic never hears my brakes squeak on my Tundra pickup but I do everyday. He says they are 40% worn but does not hear a squeak. Are these two things related? ALso, I’m getting ready to haul 2,000 pounds of lumber 600 miles - is this dangerous with this condition?

You still have 60% brakes, and the squeak is a vibration, not an indication of a failure in the brake system. I don’t think they are related.

I suggest you ask your mechanic to ride with you so he can hear the noise at the same time you hear it.

Is a Tundra rated to haul 2,000 pounds? Check the owner’s manual. If you overload the truck it’s not safe.

Why does your mechanic need to hear your brakes squeak? If you want new brakes just get new brakes,seriously if it takes new brakes to ease your mind have him put them on.

Tell your mechanic how you most use your truck and if brake dust bothers you, then you can pick the pad type best suited to your style.