2022 Toyota Tundra 2WD Truck - Squeeky brakes

Brakes squeak when you apply brakes sometime and sometime not. But be assured they will at sometime during the day. My 1794 Edition Tundra is GREAT except for the squeaking and it’s about to drive me to drinking ! Dealer says Toyota’s does not have a fix, yet ! I’ve had this since April and 12,000 later have the same problem!

Do the truck’s brake parts remain as they came new from the factory?

Sorry you are having this problem. it can be very annoying. it seems there are a lot of other owners that are having this problem. I found this on another site…

" Last update from my dealer was that Toyota is aware of the issue but they don’t have an approved fix for it yet. Meanwhile, another dealer told me they’ve been resurfacing the rotors and replacing the calipers and that fixes the issue (they’ve had a few of these cases)."

If you don’t have luck at your dealer, I would call another dealer to see if they will help. or call corporate office. the number is in your owner’s manual.
if you have no luck getting this resolved you can always buy aftermarket rotors and brake pads. just save your receipts if you do. you can get reimbursed if they have a recall.

There are revised brake pads for the 4Runner and GX460, but nothing for the Tundra yet. Toyota is typically slow with these remedies and the dealer can’t order better brake pads if they don’t exist.

Be aware that if you install after-market brake parts, there will be no warranty for brake performance or noise.