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Squeaking brakes

Toyota Tundra '06- brakes have squeaked when backing up first thing in the morning since new. Took it in for the seventh time today.

In past- changed all pads, turned rototors, shimmed pads, ground pads, treated with “anti-squeak”.

Is there a perminent fix? Design flaw?

Not something I would worry about. Probably just the parking brake cable self-adjusting or could be rust scraping itself off. There is no likely permanent fix or design flaw. Turn up the radio.

Sometimes it’s just brake dust or a small layer of rust that forms overnight. I get the same thing all the time. A good cleaning usually does the trick for me, but either way, I wouldn’t worry about it as long as the noise goes away after the brakes heat up.

This isn’t a design flaw. This is just a fact of life with metallic and ceramic brake pads. Since they banned asbestos brake pads long ago, we have had to deal with these types of unintended consequences.

This is the type of thing they are talking about when they say “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

In your seven attempts to get this resolved, they turned the rotors for you, which makes them thinner. Making them thinner makes them more susceptible to warping. In a sense, my making this such a big issue, you have cut off your nose to spite your face.

Why does this not occur with my other current and recent cars? Acura MDX x2, Hondal Pilot, Toyota Sequoia x2

Your other vehicles had different designs. None were pick-up trucks with heavy heavy duty brakes and very light rear ends that you get with a full-size pick-up truck.

I appreciate the different designs and vehicles.
Do all Tundra '06’s squeal? Do all of them in my area of the country squeal?
If no, what is the difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t squeal?
Driving pattern has not made a difference with my vehicle. Frequent driving with frequent stops vs highway driving- no difference.

You are still sweating the small stuff.

I wouldn’t know about other Tundras and I don’t know where you live, but even if I did, I couldn’t answer these questions.

Is this really so bad you can’t live with it?

Loud enough to disturb the neighborhood!
So the question remains, if some vehicles of the SAME model, ie Tundra, have a problem with squealing while backing up and some don’t have the problem- what is different that one squeaks and the other does not?

I agree its probably nothing to worry about but probably annoying. I would jack it up…take the tire off…and rotate as if backing…maybe you can pinpoint the noise

I just got off of the phone with the service manager. He said that the service support in Houston feels that turning the rotors makes the noise (vibration) worse.
His opinion is that the problem has developed as manufacturers have worked to make vehicles lighter for gas mileage. The drums and rotors are apparently much lighter today. Does this hold water?

This sounds plausible. If this is true, installing aftermarket rotors, aftermarket pads, or both [i][u]might[/i][/u] solve the problem, but you might just end up throwing money at the problem without solving it.

Does the squeaking happen when you drive forward? Does it happen when you back up after the brakes are warm? If the answer to both questions is “no,” backing into the driveway instead of backing out could solve your problem.