Creaking noise when braking on a 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 . (Primarily at lower speeds)

Please help if you can. My truck has 173,000 miles on it and I’ve recently have been hearing a creaking noise in my cab in the back seat (extended cab) and I just cannot pin point what it is. Seem like it’s coming from the middle bottom of the truck or back of it. I just had my whole front in redone including new shocks. Don’t hear it when going over bumps just when applying the break. I recently heard it on the outside too. It sounds like a old creak from a old door hinge or an old rocking chair. And no it’s not a clunk sound or squeak, but a creak noise. Almost like something rubber that’s dry or something. And I also have brand new brake pads and rotors on all wheels. Can anyone give me an idea?

Old sway bar bushings are sometimes to blame if a creaking noise is present.


That’s what I’ve been hearing and honestly I haven’t checked that yet. Thx for the advice!

Could be a dry U-joint too. You could try spraying some WD-40 on the sway bar bushings and see if the noise goes away. If it does not then it might be time to drop the driveshaft for a joint inspection.

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I look into that too. Thx!

I do live in east Texas so I don’t have much in corrosive weather but it does get really hot here the majority of the time.

Could old leaf spring bearings be the problem too?

Leaf springs don’t have bearings, they have bushings that connect them and plastic pads between the springs. And yes, they can squeak. Typically you can make the squeak by bouncing the rear if it is the springs.
Could also be a worn or missing body mount bushing.


Okay so I jumped on my truck bed and it was squeaking a lot so I’m 99% sure it’s my bushings for my leafs springs. That are not rusted so I shouldn’t hafto get new springs just pushing. My sway bar links are bad too. My sway bar bushings seem fine tho. I think I found my issues. Thank y’all very much! I can keep y’all updated if y’all like.

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UPDATE: So I replaced the sway bar links on my truck and the noise went away. I’m guessing that’s what it was. The rubber bushings were all cracked and dry and the links were semi loose. After replacing both sides the noise is gone! Don’t want to jinx myself so “knock on wood”.