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Hi pitched squeek

On occasions when I first touch my break pad i hear a high pitched whine or squeek from teh passanger front brake area. It goes away as I apply presure on the pad. there is no grinding or any other sound when I apply the brakes fully. This squeek only happens randomly and never when the pads are cold only after I have braked a few times.

What might be the cause of this sound?

most likely, (dont know the mileage or service history of your brakes) it is the “sqeelers” on your front disk brakes that indicate the pads are worn down and need to be replaced. These are designed to make just this noise to annoy you into getting your brakes fixed.

That’s kinda what I figured. The van has 135,000 miles on it, there is paperwork in the van showing new brakes put on at around 56,000 miles so I thought this might be what it is.