Spontaneous Door Locking

I have a 2000 Hundyai Sonata. Recently, all 4 doors have been locking simultaneously and spontaneously, without my having touched them, both while I am driving and when the car is parked and the motor off.

What could cause this? Anyone out there have an idea?

Our 2001 VW Beetle did this and locked my wife out a couple of times when she left the keys in the car. Estimate to repair included some sort of control module and was very expensive. Solved the problem by making sure we didn’t leave the keys in the car.

Same here, I have a 2007 RAV and random door locking does occur and I cannot figure out why…

Our 97 Honda did this. The dealers service rep told me this was common in Honda’s for a few years. Its the power door lock module in the drivers side door. Honda paid the dealer $200 to fix it under warrantee.

Since none of the manufacturers make items like this, its a good chance that the same manufacturer could have made all these modules.