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Automatic Door Locks

2005 Grand Caravan with 160K miles. Automatic door locks started not working two years ago and needed to be reset by either disconnecting the battery or pulling the fuse. First this would happen every six months, then about every three months, then monthly, and now about every two weeks. Tried MyMopar forum but can’t figure out how to post a question, and its administrator was no help. Is there anyway to avoid having to reset the system every two weeks?

By automatic door locks that means to me doors locking when vehicle is placed in gear or reach’s a certain speed. If so I would just lock them with locking button.
If you mean the remote key fobs then your vehicles receiver needs replaced and last time I did that it was over $300.00

There is a software update to fix a glitch in the body control module. Search “TSB 08-040-04”.

A description of the bulletin is in this link;

VOLVO V70: That was my interpretation. Automatic requires no human action. My doors automatically lock when I exceed 12 mph.