Speed sensor

i am looking for where the speed sensor is on a 1999 chevy monty carlo.

Engine size…


There is one at each wheel.

dodgeramx1 didn’t ask about a wheel speed sensor for abs, I don’t know where the speed sensor for his car is but I would suggest he check to see if his library has an online car repair manual.

it is a 3.8L FWD. im told it’s on the trans but where?

Many cars (I don’t know about the 99 Monte Carlo), like my LS, only have the four ABS sensors for speed sensing. The ABS controller averages the four sensors into one VSS signal (on the CAN bus) for the rest of the car. (There is no single speed sensor, just the ABS ones.)

The vehicle speed sensor is located on the very end of the transaxle. There’s an electrical connector plugged into it. The sensor is attached to the transaxle by a single bolt.


I asked the engine size so I was able to give you the right picture of what you were looking for. Its located on the end of the transmission case where the passenger side axle attaches to the transmission.


This is what you are looking for: