Spectra Premium vs AC Delco Fuel Pump



I have a question about the fuel pump to buy. I already bought from Napa, but can return, the fuel pump, the wires, and the fuel pump filter. These are AC Delco parts. All this ran me almost exactly 100 dollars, with the pump being 78 of that. Online from JC Whitney I can buy FUEL SENDING UNITS WITH FUEL PUMP for 78 dollars. So the price of the two is exactly the same. The brand at JC Whitney is Spectra Premium which I have never heard of before. I bought the AC Delco pump because I have heard that is the best. Is replacing the whole fuel sending unit of any worth while I am in there?


I have not heard of “Spectra” either. Keep the AC Delco parts and drive with confidence. Fuel pumps are not parts that you want to scrimp on.


I agree. I try to use ACDelco fuel pumps in anything I can get one for because they are the best. Carter also makes a good fuel pump, for applications where you can’t get a Delco. Bosch, on the other hand, I have had issues with in the past, numerous times. You don’t want to be stranded and end up having to do the job again, considering it’s a pain to change a fuel pump on almost any car these days. The only reason to change the sending unit is if your fuel gauge is no longer working properly, and you know what? I would, personally, try to get a Delco sending unit if that were the case!


Ok so I am going to go with the AC Delco pump. Another question. The problem with my car is that after driving for a while, 20 min or longer, if I turn off the car then the car wont start for about an hour. If I spray starting fluid the car will start at any time. My fuel pressure is 20 psi with just the pump running and 30 psi when the car is running and the pressure is steady, not dying off. The pressure should be 42 to 47 according the to manual. I have the factory service manual and have followed a flow chart which says if the fuel lines are not clogged and the fuel pulse dampener is working well I have a faulty fuel pump. I am wondering how I can tell if my fuel pulse dampener isn’t working. I figured to check anything I have to drop the tank so I will replace the fuel pump anyways (130,000 miles), should I replace the fuel pulse dampener as well and call it all good? I can’t find an AC Delco one but I did find a Carter fuel pulse dampener for 30 dollars.


If the fuel pump is new then the fuel pulse dampener is bad if you can’t get 42-47 psi out of it. These dampeners also restrict fuel flow and if they crack or deteriorate they will cause fuel pressure to drop. Replace it.