Dueling fuel pumps

My old fuel pump leaked; Zone of Auto sold me a
Delphi AMF0003. I had to turn the idle up to 1000 (book is 700;
the old idled well at 700 even though it was leaking). I took it
back, ordered the Spectra A1003MP. When it arrived, it was a
Trueguard A1003MP, looked like the Delphi, not like the Spectra.
The Spectra looks like the original and first replacement (1987,
2009). The intake of the Spectra is in the little can on the top;
the return to the tank is in the little can on the top of the
Delphi. The 3 ports are in the same order around it.



The docs for the first replacement mention the 4mm thick spacer,
which was there; it's also shown in the diagram in Haynes and
Chilton (but unmentioned).  The docs for the Delphi didn't mention
it.  I wondered if it was made to be used without the spacer, that
adding the spacer would decrease travel, thus pumping, but I
thought it would be unsafe to try mounting it without the spacer.

I installed new hoses, clamps, and fuel filter.

Should they both work as well?  Can I get one in the Spectra's



You need to go back to Square 1 and tell us what problem you are solving. If it is low idle speed, I would not be immediately suspecting a fuel pump.


I believe the leaking would be the reason for replacing it…

In the first sentence of my post I wrote that my fuel pump was leaking. Except for that, it worked properly. After I replaced it the engine stalled at idle. I had to turn idle up to 1000 (from 700) to prevent that. I thought that could be a symptom of a fuel pump not pumping enough fuel. Nothing else had changed.

Up to you but I have never bought auto parts at AZ. Can you get an OEM instead?

They sell the same parts O’Reilly and Rock Auto sell. I bought a fuel pump from AZ in 2009 that worked as well as the original for 12 years.

How would I know? The AirTex I bought in 2009 looked the same; the picture of the Spectra looks the same.

I bought an Airtex 1330 from RockAuto. It’s the same as the Delphi and TrueGuard, even though the picture’s different. The picture’s the picture of the Airtex 1330 I bought in 2009.

So is it fixed now?

Yes. I hoped to communicate the useful information that I have inspected 3 ‘different’ fuel pumps, found them to be identical, at least to look at, despite the pictures at Rock Auto and Auto Zone.

And what speed can you get the engine to idle at now?

The pictures on parts website are often generic so your findings are not surprising. In fact, there is often a disclaimer that the actual part differ in appearance.