'98 blazer fuel pump (module)

Wouldn’t start. Knocked on fuel tank and it started. Do I need fuel pump? Should I spend twice as much for Delco part, $600?

Should I do it myself? Should I let it go 'till it does it again?

Yep. Those are the kind of decisions one makes. What can someone do for you?

It’s probably the pump, the aftermarket pump will work as well for less money, don’t know if you can DIY or not, and speaking for myself I would replace the pump, strainer, and fuel filter before the vehicle quits during a family emergency or a bad time - such as when you’re trying to beat the Amtrak at the intersection.

The high price is because GM decided to make the fuel pump part of a non-servicable fuel tank module that includes the strainer/filter and fuel gauge float. You replace the entire unit instead of just the fuel pump. Ain’t that great?

Whatever you do you’ve got to replace the pump ASAP. It WILL let you down. If your gas gauge has always worked OK you might be able to find an aftermarket pump that comes without the gas gauge sending unit. True, the sending unit could go bad soon afterwards but a properly functioning gas gauge isn’t really a neccessity. You can just use your trip indicator if the sending unit goes south. Just leave a good margin of error. Good luck altoona kid.

I wouldn’t change out the pump until I could really prove it was the trouble. It may be just a bad relay causing the trouble.