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Speaking of deer, here's one at 114 mph

A northern Minnesota Sheriff’s deputy was on a call and hit a deer at 114 mph. The video is from the dash cam. Thanks to belts and air bags, was not hurt, BUT you have to hit them head on and don’t try to avoid them. Not sure how long the link will last but kinda fun to watch.

Saw that. Stupid, driving 114MPH In the dark because someone saw a gun at a restaurant. Was this a case of poor reporting, was there more to the story?

That is an example of in an instant things can change. Glad the officer is ok, fresh venison for someone also I imagine. I never ate goose, but thought about taking a few out with a 7 iron on the golf course and donating them to a shelter, the shelters take neither goose or venison. Now I have never had venison, I think I had goose as a kid, but if the shelters were allowed to harvest geese, they could make a killing at the golf course and feed the hungry. Like a kid I gave a pear just picked off a tree, he looked at it threw it back at me and said I don’t eat nothing that don’t come from a grocery store. I wonder if I could even donate pears from a tree to a local feed the homeless place, can’t take home made goodies to school for the kids birthday, now I see you can get a teal pumpkin for kids with allergies, looking for a great deal on fidget spinners, more fun than a bottle of water.
ps alot of people come to our neghborhood in cars to drop off their kids for trick or treat, I am a softie and a treat does not have to be candy, nowadays I suppose.

I’m sorry but even though it was accidental I take no pleasure in watching an innocent animal die by getting hit by a car. I’m very happy that the deputy was unharmed, but cannot but feel sad for the deer.


Well deer season starts here tomorrow so there’ll be a few more creatures to feel sorry for.

Yeah I’m wondering why the cop needs to be driving 114, that’s reckless. I don’t like seeing animals get hit either.

or a few more critters for dinner, hit a pheasant once, brought it home to grandma, was ok, but never thought of bringing her a coon, (racoon)

Arby’s had venison Saturday. I thought they would mess it up but was pleasantly surprised.

I have never heard of such a thing, thought the corned beef was exotic for Arby’s, really? What part of the country might hat be?

So . . . why exactly is it fun to watch an animal get clobbered by a speeding car?

I didn’t watch the video, and don’t plan to

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I think I’m just going to out to the garage. At any rate its in Northern Minnesota late at night. Anyone up in that area knows the population is pretty sparse, plus lights and siren for anyone that might still be up. There aren’t a whole lot of folks on duty at any one time so when you get a call of a problem, you need to move it because there won’t be ten other cars responding like in Chicago. As far as fun, its my one opportunity to drive or ride in a car going 114 mph with absolutely no risk to yourself unless you fall asleep at the keyboard.

After hitting a few deer with about five different cars in the past 50 years, and reading of bike riders being killed, I have very little time for them myself and hope the folks have a good hunting season this year. Now ask yourself what kind of stupid animal with good ears and sense of smell, would run to flashing lights and a screaming siren? Right. They are a menace.

Time to loosen up a little folks.

It was supposed to be at all their restaurants. They did a test at selected restaurants several weeks prior to the nation wide offering,
, sold out fast. I don’t know if it will be a regular item, I doubt there is enough commercially raised venison to do that.
Got mine in Rockledge Fl, 10 AM, so I would not miss out.

You have to pay attention to the warning signs.

Now my eyesight aint what it used to be, thought it meant jumping dogs, now we take our dogs with us on vacation, hey honey get the leash on them dogs, see the sign, dogs are gonna start jumping



Sure, they’re not as smart as humans

But I wouldn’t say stupid equates to suicidal tendencies

I see a LOT of drivers do incredibly stupid things, in regards to railroad crossings, but I don’t think of them as suicidal. They can’t think of the danger

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They also had elk In three states, IIRC.

If I have called 911 with an emergency I need the responder to arrive as quickly as the weather, road surface, and vehicle allows. Period. Animal welfare is secondary when it comes to the health, safety, or well-being of people.

Can you imagine the results if an officer said “I’m sorry I couldn’t get to the robbery sooner, but I had to drive the speed limit and watch for stray animals.”

You don’t think he’s endangering people driving 114 mph? You think he should risk killing other motorists, pedestrians and himself to get to you 3 seconds faster? We had a cop in CT who was driving at an insane high rate of speed to a call and killed 2 kids who were making a turn in front of him.

Sounds like the kids didn’t have the right-of-way.

Well, he was charged with misconduct with a motor vehicle, criminal negligence and reckless driving. He was convicted and sentenced to 1 year in jail.