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Hit a large doe that was stuck under fender well and then ran over

Hey guys,
Just trouble shooting here. I had a large doe ram me and get stuck between my tire and fender well. I then ran over her in the process of getting on the road: I was going about 60mph give or take.
The Jeep is now making a chirping noise when accelerating: it’s lifted on 35s:
Could the deer have damaged anything underneath my Jeep?

Yes it could have.
Did you keep the deer? Some states allow you to take the venison home.

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Haha, no there wasn’t anything left of it: her gut was busted.

The gut is the part you don’t want, except for the organ meat. Ribs, legs, shoulders, loin, are all good for food. If it was cold enough, maybe a homeless food kitchen get the meat. They do that in Maryland for road kill that isn’t overly ripe.

My wife ran over a Raccoon and it ripped the rubber around the CV joint. A much larger deer could have have done a lot more damage.

Do a through cleaning underneath, then check it or take it to your mechanic. Everyone will appreciate the cleaning before looking underneath


The Jeep is going into the shop on Monday: we’ve cleaned it up the best we can: I’ve had three mechanics tell me that because my Jeep is lifted there’s no way the doe could beat the underneath: I told them to look for blood and hair and then tell me that: I had pictures of the blood and hair from under my Jeep:
We shall see:

It was coyote kibble when my Jeep was finished with it.

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Oh yes a deer can do damage to a Jeep. Moose do damage to diesel locomotives.

A moose would take out just about anything.

In NY state you are required to report hitting a deer and damage is covered under your comprehensive insurance which does not charge you with an at fault accident.

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Did you report this to your auto insurer?

Yes I reported it:
I’m sure it’s going to be covered:
I don’t trust lightly to mechanics who do not listen:

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Then just stay out of it and let your insurance adjuster take care of it . All you need to know is if it is fixed and how much time you have after the repair to report problems .

As a follow-on, you can inspect the work after it’s finished. If it isn’t done correctly, take your Jeep back and have it done to your satisfaction.

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