Deer Crossing Donna

This is on Cartalk’s facebook page and it is funny. A lady calls in to a local radio talk show because neither the state highway department nor the local newspapers will respond to her suggestion to move the deer crossing signs to less busy areas so the deer are less likely to be hit. You gatta hear it. The follow up call is also funny.

She evidently was serious but later on after thinking about it saw the error of her ways. Let’s go hunters-these things are a menace.

I heard that last week…What a moron. Probably votes too.

Heard in a pizza parlor:

“I’m not hungry tonight. Cut it into 6 pieces instead of eight.”

If it was legal to keep a loaded rifle in the car, I could have shot one the other day going into work. At less than 10 feet away, I’m sure a .45acp round would have dropped it.

The story is pretty funny but everyone has brain hiccups now and then which leaves them later wondering WTH they were thinking. It happens to all of us.

Deer are a huge problem here too. A year or so ago I whacked one and then just a few minutes and a few miles later hit another one even though I was holding the speed at 45 in a 55.
About a dozen or so years ago my wife thought some cats were getting into her plants on the porch and was ready to declare war on felines. We walked out on the porch one evening about sundown and found the culprit was a medium sized doe deer that apparently liked the taste of geraniums, etc. The deer actually let us pet it and some neighbor kids even came over to play with it.
Cute animal; at least until it leaps in front of a car… :frowning:

wow, she turned herself into a national laughing stock.

Her basic function brain is working just fine, but her high function brain is fried


We have a lot of deer here in NH. And with all the woods…many times you don’t see them until they are in front of you. I’ve been hit by a deer (ran into the side of my truck) and a few close calls.

Our bigger problem (although not as frequent) is Moose. If you’re doing over 40 when you hit a Moose…you’re probably dead. They are so tall…a car ( even an SUV) will take out it’s legs and then the Moose ends up in your lap crushing you.

I have been hit in the side also. Got me in the driver’s door.
My late Father hit so many deer that I got some small stickers made in the style of the deer crossing sign’s deer to use as " victory tallies " on the drivers door. We named his van " DEER SLAYER ".

My mom had so many deer hit her diver door, it shined 3 times and replaced 4 times. She put 155,000 miles on that car. This was 78 Grand AM. When it was sold the paint looked new because it had been painted so many times. She hit at leased 3 deer with every car she has owned. She is sill driving and count is sill going. Maybe I will get some stickers made up too for her.

What do you do with the dearly departed? Who eats those suckers? Deer sausage… mmmm, mmm, good…

Oh, and my back yard is a state park. We have oodles of the giant rats. I always drive slow and with my brights on. Two years ago, hardly a day went by without seeing deer on the way to work. But they state govt finally allowed bow hunters into the park on day each year. The herd is not nearly as obvious. Thank you hunters. Thank you state of MD.

Here’s something that falls in the same realm of idiocy… I don’t remember where I got this… When I click on the picture, it expands. Let me know if you can’t read it…

tinfoil hattery I say @oblivion

Razor sharp or Razorback? You be the judge.

Lucky for the kids it was not a blind child sign, guess the deer are smart enough to read the signs, unfortunate drivers are not. DUH!

We eat a lot of speed beef at my house. I was raised on it. My kids used tell anyone who would lesion, that the only time they got to eat beef was at Mc Donald’s. It used to be that the deer were taken ( if you did not want it) and it went to the schools or a food pantry. But the do gooder’s had their say and now if you don’t take them, they go to waste.

Oh boy, and these people may have kids. Congress gets blamed for everything.

Here in Indiana, we have a state park that was being over run with deer. The deer were ruining the foilage. The park service recommended that hunters come in and thin the herd. However, the “bleeding hearts” became all upset about shooting the deer. They proposed that bears be brought in to scare off the deer. This plan was adopted, but didn’t work. The deer took the bears by three touchdowns.

A problem around here too is wandering cattle which get loose on a regular basis due to poorly constructed fences and/or failure to check them now and then.

At least with a deer one often catches a flash of tan or white and may have some time to react.
With black cattle you never even know they’re there until you see one blur by the window; assuming you’re lucky enough to miss it.

There’s a restaurant (or at least there use to be) called Road Kill.