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i have a 2002 dodge neon and i need new door speakers for it. it takes 6.5 inch speakers .what are some good ones and how much should i pay for them


Take a look at for some choices based on your specific car. Then price compare to local stores. Choose what you want.

It’s too subjective to give you precise answer. I can recommend a set of speakers and someone else will say they’re crap. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

As Jay said…goto Then if you can…go to a place like Best Buy and audition different speakers that will fit your car.

I’m going to second everything Mike says. You have to go listen to speakers yourself. Pick what you like. Crutchfield is a good resource to find out what will fit and a fair price, they generally aren’t the cheapest, but usually not top dollar either.

While listening to them at the store is not a bad idea, keep in mind that they are going to sound a lot different once you get them in the car.

True, listening at the store is not as good as listening to them installed, but it’s the best you can do normally.

It’s better then NOT listening to them. You don’t have much of a choice. Either you listen to them in a store…or you don’t listen to them. I would NEVER buy a speaker without listening to them first.