Pontiac Sunfire GT 2002 replacement speakers, Please help

I am looking to replace my speakers in my 2002 pontiac sunfire gt. I am very illiterate about cars, ask me a calculus question I can answer it, but cars way out of my leage. I am replacing the factory stereo with a Dual stereo. I like the sound of the original speakers but they are really hard to find. I was wanting opinions on car speakers I have talked to 2 “experts” and one said Sony XS-GT1638F and the other said Sound Ordnance™ P-69. now I did my own research and I found these, PYLE PLG69.5 6-Inch x 9-Inch 450 Watt Five-Way Speakers, for an amazing price. I was just wanting an input into what to look for in a speaker, the best material, fabric, brand, 2,3,4,5,6 way, and what wattage. Thank you in advance

If you are putting in a Dual stereo, then obviously price is the overwhelming consideration. Dual makes very inexpensive (read cheap) units. The Pyle speakers should be just fine. They will sound better than the factory speakers. I found even the cheapest speakers out-perform the factor speakers, even the factory premium sound systems. I put a very inexpensive 8-in subwoofer, made by Pyramid, a renowned cheap speaker maker, in place of the blown factory 8-in sub-woofer in my SUV with a premium sound system. The bass response is a lot crisper and better than the sub-woofer has EVER sounded, even when new. The important features are obviously size, and it sounds like 6X9 is the correct size for the rear deck. The front speakers are 4X6, so they are different. Also, make sure the speaker wattage range is double the radio output range. 450 watt speakers are way oversized unless you have an external amplifier. A set of speakers like 100 watt for a stereo that puts out 40-50 watts per channel would probably sound better.

There are tons of great speakers out there but the Pyle speakers you reference should work just fine and sound fine…

I actually built a guitar cabinet about 5 years ago with a pair of Pyle 15" speakers. (300 Watt amp head/900 Watt rated speakers)
They sound great and there has never been a hiccup out of them although the better half has hiccupped a few times about rattling glass or curios moving around.

Are you sure you don’t have the 6.75" GM spec speakers in your car. If you are buying a Dual radio, I would suggest that you go to Walmart and get the Schoshe speakers. They are cheap and sound pretty much like the factory speakers, but will handle a little more power.

BTW, a high end audio system is really lost on a car, any car. The background noise is just to great. If you want a high end audio system, put it in your house, not your car.

Visit the Crutchfield website. www.crutchfield.com Prices are competitive and Crutchfield provide detailed installation instructions and speaker wiring harness adapters for a plug and play installation.

I had a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer and the least expensive 2-way speakers from Crutchfield were a big improvement over the OEM speakers.

Ed B.

Like. Ed said, visit Crutchfield to find speakers that will fit the factory openings. “Close” isn’t good enough.

I’m not sure about that year, but at some point in time (prior to 2004 at least), the radio in GMs also acted as the warning chime for things like lights on, keys in the ignition, etc., so you might want to look into a wiring interface between the car and radio that replaces that function. I know that chime has save me a dead battery on numerous occasions.

Thank you all so much!! you have been an amazing help!

Bmw2007 brings up a good point. I checked Crutchfield and the 2002 Sunfire does use the car speakers for warning chimes. My 2010 Cobalt has the same set up, when the warning, turn signal etc chimes stopped working the left front speaker had to be replaced. If you are just replacing the speakers this is not an issue.

To install a non-OEM radio in the Sunfire an adapter has to be purchased also. It’s 1/2 price with a receiver. For a GM it’s $20 to $92 depending on the features. I picked an example receiver for the Sunfire, Click on “Read before you buy” on this web page for a description of the adapters.

If you have any questions, call Crutchfield tech support.

Ed B.