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OEM car speakers

I have googled my arse off trying to find a replacement door speaker for my 1999 Dodge Intrepid ES. It’s probably a 20 dollar speaker if I could find it. Any suggestions beside’s tromping through a junk yard?

You remove the old speaker from the door, and now you know what size to look for.


You can buy replacement speakers from many sources. I’ve found decent speakers that are direct replacements at electronics stores, auto parts stores, and even Walmart! Also, you can try for a series of direct replacement speakers.

I second Crutchfield. It’s best to buy speakers in pairs. If one speaker is bad the other is usually on its way out. The front and rear speakers on my Blazer failed within a few months of each other. I replaced them with inexpensive (~$40) speakers from Crutchfield and the sound quality is so much better.

Ed B.

I third crutchfields but as edb says you be better served by replacing both speakers from crutchfields or find a junk yard if you only want 1, or is it auto recycling center and getting an oem speaker, It may not be as hard to go to the recycling center as you think.

Like the others I suggest Crutchfield or SoundDesign. I have used both. Likely for a few bucks less than you could buy OEM if available, you will get better quality.


Go to K-Mart or Wal Mart. Take the speaker with you. It is probably one of two standard sizes.

Make sure you get the right size for a exact replacement. Not just the width but also the depth.

Parts Express.