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Rear Deck Replacement Speakers for a 1988 Olds 98

Want to replace the 6x9 OEM speakers in my car (they are busted).

I had planned to install a budget brand speaker since I am keeping the original radio/cassette and mainly listen to radio anyway. But I am wondering how much trouble it is to install the speakers in the rear? Does the back seat have to come out? If so, I may be better off going with a higher quality speaker for all that trouble. Does anyone know what is involved in the installation? What speakers would you recommend? Budget/higher quality? Thanks

Crutchfield has a good reputation for answering questions like this. I’d give them a call to see what options they recommend.

I’m pretty sure you get at 'em from the trunk. There might be a cardboard cover or something, but after that it should just be a matter of the screws or bolts that hold the speakers in and then the wires. If you have a good junkyard somewhere nearby, you’ll probably be better off sound-wise with some used stock speakers than cheapo new speakers.

Go to and choose any budget 6x9 you happen to like. In the budget price range they will pretty much all sound the same. Besides any of them will probably have more to offer than your factory stereo can take advantage of.