Speakers for Subaru?


Hi, I need a front door speaker for my '97 Subaru Impreza Wagon. I don’t need the mount, just a 6" speaker, not even 2-way. The driver itself measures 6 or 6-1/8", but the closest I can find online is 6.5". Would that fit, all other measurements being equal? Subaru wants $90 for one speaker, and two month’s backorder. No way.

Thanks, Alan


Two suggestions: first, look at crutchfield.com or call their tech line. They can tell you exactly which brand of speaker fits in your Subaru. Secondly, call around to salvage yards and see how they are pricing salvage speakers. A salvage speaker may work as well as a new one.


Go to www.crutchfield.com Crutchfield supplies the necessary speaker opening brackets and wiring harness to mount the speakers in a car.

Ed B.


It’s NOT just the diameter…but the depth you have to be concerned about.

As everyone has said…goto Crutchfield.com. They’ll have a listing of your car and show what speakers are an exact fit.

It’s also good to know how much wattage your amp is putting out. If less then 30 watts then you may want to consider a more efficient speaker (92 or better).


Thanks, folks. I had looked at Crutchfield, JC Whitney, and other places, but didn’t feel comfortable. Now I feel better. I had all the specs, but the 6: vs. 6.5" didn’t make sense to me. Now I can shop around.


Crutchfield is a EXCELLENT place to deal with. Every time I’ve dealt with them it’s been very pleasurable.


Crutchfield will tell you what speakers will fit exactly. Their info has always been correct for me, and I’ve bought stuff for my very oddball Subaru XT6 from them.