Spare tire 60 PSI

Got a tire pressure warning, spare in door jamb .isted at 60 psi, even stamped on the full size spare 60 PSI. New to me, I wonder why. It is not monitored for pressure.

Curiously 3 tires were at 30, and one was 33, recommended pressure. I don’t get that!! Filled em up light still on, off to the dealer I guess.

Your full size spare is 60 PSI? I know donut spares are high pressure. Is your full size a different construction?

If you have a full size tire as a spare then 60psi is wrong . That should be the Maximum pressure not the operating pressure . Some vehicles monitor all four and spare but that usually does not apply to the temporary donut spares.

Depending on the type of system your car has, may take a mile or so of driving to reset light.

We did 10 miles yesterday, 40 today. From the online manual.

Tire size 225/65R17 102H, T165/80R17 104M (spare)
Tire inflation pressure
(Recommended cold
tire inflation pressure)
Front: 33 psi (230 kPa, 2.3 kgf/cm2 or bar)
Rear: 33 psi (230 kPa, 2.3 kgf/cm2 or bar)
Spare: 60 psi (420 kPa, 4.2 kgf/cm2 or bar)
Wheel size 17 × 6 1/2J (steel wheel),
17 × 7J (aluminum wheel), 17 × 4T (spare)

I expect the 60 psi for the spare is correct. Does your tpms warning system tell you which tire is the problem? Or just that one or more of them has an incorrect pressure? My guess, one of the sensors or its battery has failed. Sensors fail from time to time, ask Boeing’s ex-CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

60 psi is correct for that skinny little temporary spare.


Just my opinion, for Toyota to call that a ‘full size spare’ is misleading.
I would consider full size to be exactly the same size as the other four.


No there is no individual tire information.

I wonder if a shop having the Toyota scan tool could determine which tire it is?

Possibility, I bought an extended warranty for $1400, talked to the dealer, they said bring it in, no problem.

we had to manually reset one of our vehicles we had to shut the warning off. you should check your manual.

No reset I saw in the manual or info screens. I’ll check the pressure before we hit the interstate on our return. It is supposed to correct after driving.

Tire shops have a tool the distinguishes if there is a signal being generated from each sensor.


Think of a bicycle tire at 60. It’s a little space saver spare that needs to provide a lot of support if used.

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Could be the pressure sensor’s that have failed, Mom was given a $800 estimate to replace all 4 by the dealer compared to around $400 for the independent on her 2010 Prius. 60psi sounds right for the spare, It’s the same on my Forester.

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It sounds like somebody replaced the narrow high pressure spare with a full size regular pressure spare, right @Barkydog ? If so, 60 psi is too high.

If a sensor fails the warning light will flash for one minute after start up.

A common problem is for the low pressure thresholds to be set too high by someone fooling around with the initialization button. For now set the tire pressure at 36 PSI to see if the warning light goes out.

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That is a compact spare tire, just like listed on the tire information placard. The prefix “T” is temporary.

Maybe the salesman lied, said it was a full size spare.